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Where is Belmont Country Club

You may be asking where is Belmont Country Club?

Belmont Country Club is located in Ashburn Virginia and as the old saying of business goes, “buy low – sell high.” That is exactly why someone looking to buy a beautiful home in one of the country’s strongest housing market should strongly consider buying their new home at Belmont Country Club. While the number of homes for sale in Belmont Country Club are up the selling prices are down from $685,000 to $655,000 (-0.02%).  How can that be a good thing as a buyer? Because, interest rates on mortgages are at a historic low and home prices in Belmont Country Club have dipped in a housing market that is trending up. “Buy low – Sell high.”

Belmont Country Club is a private gated community that offers homes ranging in price from $1.2 million to $450,000. The size of the homes in Belmont start around 2,000sq.ft going all the way up to 5,500sq.ft giving a buyer a wide selection of sizes to meet the needs of their families. Even if you are not in a position to purchase a home; there are numerous opportunities to rent one of these great properties.

Living in Belmont

Home owners in Belmont Country Club get to enjoy the convenience of being just outside Tyson’s Corner, which is under a major reconstruction project, minutes away from Dulles international Airport, and roughly 45 minutes from gorgeous mountain scenery of the Shenandoah Valley. The convenience of being at the center of a strong metropolitan area but not in the middle of all the congestion is a sigh of relief for anyone familiar Northern Virginia.

Probably, the best part of being a home owner at Belmont Country Club is the golf course itself.  The golf course at Belmont is a signature Arnold Palmer design. In its inaugural year Golf Digest nominated Belmont for best new private golf course. It feature 7,211 yards of natural elevation changes, tree lined fairways, and vast amounts of hazards to gobble up you golf balls. Not forgetting about the fine dining, pools, and spas located within.

If you would like more information about homes for sale in Belmont Country Club please visit us at Loudoun County Living LLC or calls us at 703-407-1093.

Great Fair Oaks Town House for Sale/Foreclosure

New Town House Listed in Fair Oaks

Loudoun County Living LLC has just listed an end unit townhouse close to Fair Oaks Mall and Fairfax. This Town House is features three bedrooms, three full baths  on three levels. It is located very close to Fair Oaks Hospital and Fair Oaks Mall.  The home has hardwood floors in living and dining area, a kitchen with room for a table, finished basement with wood burning fireplace, fully fenced backyard and a deck. This is an excellent location near Fair Oaks Hospital.

Fair Oaks Town Houses

The property is priced well below other town houses listed for sale in the Fair Oaks Area of Fairfax County and given the current lack of comparable inventory multiple offers are expected. The Fair Oaks area of Fairfax County has seen improvement in the over all real estate market and actually have an increase in property values and average sales price over the previous 12 months. For more infromation of the local real eatset market plase visit our Market Insider Page at

Full Details

Listing Courtesy of William Harlowe, Keller Williams Realty

New Development Coming to Downtown Leesburg

Lansdowne Development Group Purchases Old Window Factory

Lansdowne Development Group has purchased the old abandoned window factory that has been sitting vacant for more than ten years. The property is located at 110 Catoctin Circle NE and consists of three parcels, the largest of which is approximately 8 acres. The company plans to develop a mixed use community based on the Live and Work concept that has seen much success at the Lansdowne Town Center also located in Leesburg. This new development at the corner of Harrison Street and Catoctin Circle will connect to the down town area of Leesburg and will help transform the towns Crescent District redevelopment zone.

Lansdowne Homes

Developer Plans Mixed Use Development

Developer plans to create a community consistent with the down town historic district development plans and will give a boost to the Leesburg Economy. This site had been previously approved for development by Mitchell and Best who abandoned their plans which included 332 residential units, when the economy turned. The current developer, Lansdowne Development Group plans to reduce the number of residential units by 90-100. Lansdowne Development plans to create a Limited Liability Corporation to handle the development and should have plans submitted to Loudoun County within 30 days.

Approval Still Needed

The Town of Leesburg has made the assistant town manager, Scott Parker the point of contact for the development and hopes to expedite the development. The plan will have to receive administrative approval from planning staff and undergo re-zoning and concept plan that will require approval from the Leesburg Planning Commission and the Town Council. The site does have some environmental issues with the proximity of the Town Branch flood plain located on its west, and the presence of bed rock. Lansdowne Development expects that by reducing the residential density they will be able to avoid most of the environmental issues. The town of Leesburg believes the development will provide a boost for the downtown provide much needed connection between Catoctin Circle and Harrison Street. The property has been an eyesore for a long time and give its location to the downtown the hope is that it will attract new business and residents to Leesburg.

Historic Significance

The site has some historic significance to Leesburg. There are two old quarry’s close by that were used to in the construction of the United States Capitol building  Lansdowne Development plans to incorporate the history of the property into the planned development by roads and landmarks after significant town events and people.

Leesburg Homes

Town of Leesburg and Community Support

The project appears to have significant support from the town and local Leesburg residents. Currently the site is an eye sore. The development of the site will fit in nicely with current development in Leesburg down town. It will also be a nice addition and hopefully expand the many Leesburg community and business events like First Friday which continues to grow. Leesburg has become a popular destination for Loudoun County residents and world travelers. It is not uncommon to meet people for all over our area and the world and any of the down town events.

Energy Inspections and Home Sales

Energy inspections for home sales

The global conscience regarding the environment has rapidly shifted in recent years, and an interest in saving energy (and money!) is shared by many people in all demographics. Homebuyers in particular are making more energy efficient choices in the search for their next home. As a result, energy inspections for home sales are increasingly an important step in the home selling process.

Energy Audit Checklists

Whether your house is on the market now or selling is only something you’re considering, you’ll be ahead of the game if your home has undergone an energy audit. A good place to start is our earlier article, “Strategies to Help Save Energy In Your Home.” When the weather cools, it’s time to look into programmable thermostats, a few touch-ups on your weather stripping, better insulation and new air filters.

In addition to the low-cost tactics noted in our previous article, here are some elements commonly found on energy audit checklists:

  • Age of the heating and cooling system
  • Potential for leaks in ductwork
  • Energy efficiency of water heater, windows and lights

Leesburg Homes for Sale

Heating and Cooling System

If your heating and cooling system is more than 15 years old, it’s a given that it isn’t energy efficient by today’s standards. Even if it has been regularly maintained and is functioning properly, it can’t compete with the efficiency of newer models.

Replacing your system can be costly, though not having a newer system doesn’t necessarily mean it will cost you the sale of your home. But it is something to be aware of when it comes time to negotiate the sale price.

If you’re on the fence about selling your home in the near future and are willing to spend a little money, the savings in fuel costs within a few years could exceed the cost of replacing your equipment now. In addition, you would be in compliance with current efficiency ratings when you decide to put out the “for sale” sign. Be sure the replacement has earned the ENERGY STAR designation, conferred through a joint program of the U.S. Department of Energy and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that protects the environment.

Lansdowne on the Potomac Homes for Sale

Potential for Leaks in Ductwork

If you choose to stick with your current heating/cooling system, you can add to its energy efficiency by ensuring your ductwork is properly insulated. If you haven’t looked at your ductwork recently (if ever!), now’s the time.

Don’t be surprised by what you find, especially if yours is an older home. Recently we heard of a situation in which a homeowner looked in the crawlspace and discovered that much of the insulation around the ductwork running the length of the house had been picked through by rodents. Imagine how much it cost to heat that home!

Some minor leaks you can fix DIY with mastic or foil tape. Others, like the situation described above, involve installation of all-new insulation – still doable DIY, but a bigger job to take on. Extensive problem areas will require a professional. Go to ENERGY STAR for tips on selecting a qualified contractor.

Once all the leaks have been sealed and properly insulated, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the savings you’ll notice on your energy bill.

Ashburn Homes for Sale

Other Features Buyers Consider

Energy inspections for home sales wouldn’t be complete without a review of the efficiency of a home’s water heater, windows and lights. Of these, gradually replacing your lights with more energy efficient lamps and bulbs is the most cost-conscious. It will also serve to give your home an updated, more attractive look and set the mood as potential buyers do a walk-through. The U.S Department of Energy has great tips when choosing new lighting.

Do we really need to talk more about the importance of sealing leaks and proper insulation? Simply wrapping your water heater tank in high R-value insulation and applying weather stripping and caulking around your windows will increase your home’s energy efficiency.

How to Choose an Energy Audit Technician

Following the steps above will surely make your home more energy efficient. But will they be enough when it comes time for energy inspections? For your piece of mind, you can have a certified professional conduct a thorough audit. Besides the obvious benefit of having all your bases covered, you’ll also have help after the energy audit analyzing the data. ENERGY STAR, which offers the certification program, has compiled a list of these pros. Choose your state and look for raters in your area.

A Healthy Home ?

Indoor Pollution ? Who Knew!

When you think of indoor pollution, those grotesque, blown-up images of dust mites might come to mind. Tiny bugs living in our mattresses are only one source of pollution, however. Different types of indoor pollution include air and water pollutants, cleaning products and cosmetics.

Most of us think of our home as a haven – a safe place where we are protected from the rest of the world. But sometimes extra care needs to be taken to create a healthy home.

Leesburg Homes for Sale

What Causes Indoor Air Pollution?

While we might be wary of smog and acid rain, outdoor pollutants probably don’t affect us nearly as much as indoor pollutants do. Concentrations of indoor pollutants are 25 to 62 percent greater than outdoor levels. Because Americans spend 80 to 90 percent of their time indoors, they’re at risk for serious health problems.

Sources of air pollution include wood-burning stoves, tobacco smoke, cooking and heating appliances, and vapors from building materials, and furniture. Paints, sealants, and other finishes can also be harmful. Radon, a radioactive gas that’s released from inside the earth, is also a pollutant, and can be found concentrated in some basements.

Ashburn Homes for Sale

Reducing Indoor Air Pollution

Many of the products we use every day generate indoor air pollution. One of the best ways to improve indoor air quality is to eliminate the sources of the pollution.

  • Choose non-toxic furnishings, flooring, finishes and supplies.
  • Eliminate toxic household cleaners from your home.
  • Seal or enclose asbestos-coated sources.
  • Provide adequate ventilation by opening windows or using fans.
  • Switch to an environmentally-safe dry cleaner.
  • Add some houseplants.
  • Discourage smoking indoors.
  • Have air ducts cleaned.
  • Have lead-based paint professionally removed.
  • Vent clothes dryers to outdoors.
  • Remove water-damaged carpets.
  • Test basements for radon gas.


Natural Pollutants

Biological contaminants are another type of pollutant that affects the indoor environment. Pet dander, dust mites and other microorganisms that occur naturally can settle in carpets and other fabrics. Bacteria, molds, mildew and insect or rodent droppings are also dangerous. These allergens can trigger allergies and sometimes lead to serious illnesses such as asthma in some people.

Use flooring options like wood, cork, tile, stone or bamboo to reduce the number of allergens in the home. These flooring materials don’t emit fumes or harbor microorganisms and are easier to keep clean than carpeting.

Air purifiers and mechanical ventilation systems can help keep indoor air healthy. They can reduce levels of humidity, which creates a breeding ground for bacteria, mold and mildew. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends keeping humidity levels below 30 to 50 percent.

Fantastic Leesburg Home for Sale

Fantastic Home for Sale in Leesburg Virginia

Custom home for sale in Leesburg Virginia sits on a private drive with mature trees, and a beautifully landscaped yard This home features 4 bedrooms, 3 and a half baths, finished basement with rec room, perfect for a family. Kitchen has a peninsula bar, breakfast nook, formal dining room, master bath a must be seen open shower. Immaculate hardwood floors on first floor, fire place in the living room, a wraparound porch, three level deck with a screened porch and skylights.

Listing Courtesy of William Harlowe, Keller Williams Realty

Relocating to or From Loudoun County ?

Buying or Selling in Loudoun County: How to Hire the Pros to Help You Move

Have you ever noticed how busy your friends and family members become on your moving day? Can you blame them? Moving is tough, manual labor. The only reason that folks might be willing to help is in the hopes you’ll reciprocate when it’s their turn to move.

Being able to round up enough people to help with the move is just one consideration when determining whether to hire a moving company or just do it yourself. Here are a few other considerations:

  • Time: How much time do you have to devote to the move? If you’re relocating because of a new job and you’re on a time crunch, professional movers will save you a lot of time.
  • Distance: How far away are you moving? Interstate moves involve a lot of driving with possible overnight stops along the way. Do you feel safe leaving your belongings in the parking lot overnight?
  • Money: If you’re on a tight budget, a full-service mover may be out of the realm of possibility for you.

Types of Moving Companies

Moving companies have evolved from the days when the massive truck pulled up to the house and loaded pre-packed boxes and furniture for the move to a new location. Today, you have a number of choices to consider when hiring moving assistance:

  • Pack it yourself and hire professionals to load and deliver.
  • Hire professionals to pack, load and deliver. Some companies offer unpacking services as well.
  • Hire a professional with a truck. You pack, you load and he drives.

Of course, like most things in life, the more services you desire, the more you’ll pay.

Choosing a Moving Company

Finding the right moving company for your needs is probably one of the most challenging aspects of the moving process. Ask friends, colleagues and family members for a referral. If that doesn’t work, the National Association of Realtors® suggests that you choose a mover that is a member of the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA).

Interview representatives from several companies and ask lots of questions:

  • Ask about the moving company’s responsibilities if items are damaged while in their care.
  • Are employees bonded?
  • Verify the mover’s license.
  • Check with the Better Business Bureau for complaints against the company.
  • Don’t accept telephone quotes. The only way to get an accurate quote is for the mover to assess your situation in person.
  • Ask for an itemized breakdown of all fees the company charges and explanations of any that you don’t understand.

Federal law requires movers to supply you with the booklet: “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move.” In it you will find information about your mover’s responsibilities and how to make the move go smoothly.

Additionally, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) warns consumers to never sign a mover’s blank documents. These papers are binding contracts and should be read thoroughly before signing. If there are blanks, other than one for the weight of your items, line them through or refuse to sign until the blanks are filled in.

For help with choosing a mover and information on how to protect yourself and your belongings during the move, visit the DOT’s website.

Where is Purcellville VA?

Where is Purcellville Virginia ?

People ask all the time; ‘Where is Purcellville Virginia?’ Purcellville is a lovely town located in Western Loudoun County Virginia. Purcellville, is a town with a small population in the state of Virginia. Located approximately 50 miles west of Washington D.C. some towns and places near Purcellville include Round Hill, Hillsboro, Leesburg and Lovettsville.  The closest major cities include Washington D.C., Baltimore and Philadelphia. Purcellville is a small suburban town with a mix of older historic homes, new homes and town homes.  Purcellville is surrounded with an array of beautiful vineyards, gorgeous topography, and historic farms.

Lots of History in Purcellville.

Purcellville has lots of history to it as well. Purcellvilles first settler arrived in 1764.  A little country store and inn was the first small business in Purcellville, it was established by Abraham Vickers in 1799. Nichols hardware was opened in 1914 and is still in business today. The beautiful country side of Purcellville was home to many families for decades before it became a village in the early 1820’s. By 1908 there were over thirty businesses, a rail road station, a National bank, post office and hotel.

The Civil War and Purcellville.

There were many marches and chases through Purcellville during the Civil War, however, the town sustained no major damage.  Starting in the 1900’s, there was a devastating series of disastrous fires that virtually wiped out the business district depriving the small town of much of its earliest architectural history. However, many of the old blocks were soon after rebuilt and the business district extended considerably despite the fires.

A growing town.

As of the census in 2010, Purcellville has a population of 7,727 people. The town’s educational institutions include public and private schools. Public schools covering kindergarten to twelfth grade include Loudoun Valley High School, Woodgrove High School,  Blue Ridge Middle School, Harmony Middle School, Emerick, Kenneth W. Culbert, and Mountain View Elementary Schools. Purcellville has continued to grow over the years with many of its residents commuting east to the business centers in Northern Virginia and Washington D.C.

Virginia Wine Country.

Loudoun County features 27 award-winning wineries and tasting rooms, the most of any county in Virginia. Purcellville is known for its luscious vineyards and wine. This historic town holds an array of wine tastings and community events throughout the year that people frequently travel from all over Loudoun County to participate in. Its delicious restaurants and beautiful land and attractions as well as its delightful wines are always bringing people to this lovely town.


Lansdowne on the Potomac Home Sales, September Market Report

Single Family Homes for listed for sale in Lansdowne on the Potomac in the month of September remained flat when compared to August. Currently there are 22 active single family home listings, 9 pending sales and 4 single family homes sold in the month of September. Inventory has remained consistent and there appears to be an ample supply of single family homes listed for sale. There are currently only 5 active listing for town houses in Lansdowne.

View Lansdowne Homes for Sale

Town House Sales outpace Single Family Homes.

Town Houses listed for sale in the month of September also remained similar to the month of August with 5 active listing, 8 pending sales and 4 closed sales this month. The inventory and sales activity for town houses is stronger when compared to the single family home market. This is consistent with the overall market in Loudoun County where higher priced properties are seeing increase inventories, longer days on the market and slower sales.

Average Days on Market Increase.

List prices for active listing of single family homes for sale range from $559,000 to $3,200,000 for the larger homes. The majority of homes listed for sale have a median price of $774,000. The average days on the market for these homes is 83 up from 56 for Single Family Homes and 40 days up from 25 days for Town Houses.

Average sales price increases for the month of September.

The average sales price of single family homes in Lansdowne increase from and average of $660,833 in August to $738,750 for September. Town House sales also increased in the same time frame form an average of $436,330 to $522,675. This is consistent with the shortage of inventory we saw in the month of August. It appears that the increase inventory currently on the market is having a slowing effect overall resulting in the increase number of days on market. I would expect that prices remain stable at this point until the market sees buyer’s reentering after the holiday season.

Home owners who need to list their home for sale in Lansdowne on the Potomac, now more than ever need to partner with an experienced and aggressive real estate professional to ensure that they are successful with the sale of their home. For more information on Lansdowne on the Potomac please contact our team at Loudoun County Living LLC.

Loudoun Hounds Land at One Loudoun

The Loudoun Hounds announced on October 1st that they are abandoning the Kincora site and moving to One Loudoun.

Officials with the Loudoun Hounds site timing as the reason for the decision to move. Apparently the Kincora development was not moving fast enough to meet the 2014 deal line for opening day. Loudoun Hounds officials say that the move was strictly a business decision. The Hounds have had to delay their opening day twice in the last two years, most recently this June. One Loudoun, with building already coming out of the ground will treat the new stadium as the center piece of the development that is focused on a community where residents can live, work and play and leave their car in the same parking spot. This sustainable type of development has seen great success in other areas of Northern Virginia.

One Loudoun is a mixed use development located at the intersection of Route 7 and the Loudoun County Parkway.

Both Kincora and One Loudoun are key projects to the Route 28 corridor and will provide residents of Loudoun County with the opportunity to live, work and play within one community.  While Kincora is losing a big tenant, officials there state that they will continue to push on and feel that the Kincoras location will allow for quick adjustment. The 428 acre Kincora site is located just east of One Loudoun at the intersection of Route 28 and Route 7. Kincora will offer over 500,000 square feet of retail space, 1,400 apartment and condominiums, and more than 4 million square feet of corporate office space.

New Stadium to be built at One Loudoun.

One Loudoun and the Loudoun Hounds plan to construct a new ball park located at the intersection of Route 7 and the Loudoun County Parkway.  The new stadium is being treated as the center piece of the development and will have fixed seating for 5,500 fans and a total capacity of 10,000. The park will host a minimum of 72 baseball games a year as well as community events, concerts, festivals, and other sporting events. The stadium is being privately funded and is scheduled to open in 2014.

Loudoun County Board of Supervisors will need to approve changes.

The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors seems supportive of the move and acknowledges that the presence of the stadium in Loudoun County will provide much needed sports entertainment for the county. Ultimately all plan changes still need to be approved by the board. County officials state that the move will not have an immediate impact of county transportation plans. Supervisor York stated that “It was important for us to get this going and do what we can to keep the stadium here in the county. Transportation projects for Kincora for the extension of Gloucester Parkway and Pacific Boulevard are proceeding as planned.