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Custom Built Home in Leesburg

Custom Built Home in Leesburg

Home Report provided by William E Cave II of Loudoun County Living LLC

This custom built home in Leesburg is located in Goose Creek Farms at 21100 Grey Fox Lane, Leesburg, VA 20175. The owner of this house directly supervised every moment of the constructions process for this home and put the highest priority on quality and detail. For example, the owner/builder hired a mechanical engineer who designed and installed the air system specifically for this home. Over all, this custom built home is large and spacious while retaining that cozy feeling. The master suite is a perfect size for anything you imagination can arrange. The home sits on 11.23 acres of wooded land with roughly 2 cleared acres around the home. The back of the house features a large weather proof deck with a fully enclosed section that allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery all year and in any weather. The location and large lot truly provides a feeling of privacy yet close enough that going to the store is not a hassle.

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Custom Built Home Details

What make this custom built home so energy efficient and superior? Well, as with anything of quality, it starts from the ground up.

  • Foundation Walls: Two feet thick and heavily sealed from the outside preventing cold damp air from entering the basement and causing the infamous musky smell and mildew.
  • Yard Grading: The ground on all sides of the house slope away and combined with the gutter down spouts draining six plus feet from the structure prevents water from settling around the foundation.

Temperature Control

The average electric/HVAC bill for this three level, 3,664 square foot home is a fraction of what other comparable homes cost per month. This remarkable efficiency is achieved by the precise room location of the air returns high on the walls and thick top of the line insulation.

  • Heating: The home has two heat pump units with strategically located air returns. The primary living area has a large wood fire place with a built in blower and coupled with the elevated location of the main level air return the home can be heated cheaply and easily.
  • Owner’s Effective Heating Process: By using only the fa of the heat pump while burning the fire place, the hot air is pulled across the main living area and into the air system, which disperses the hot air throughout the home, keeping temperature very comfortable even on the coldest winter days. The only time you would have to run the heating unit is while you are asleep (burning a fire place while asleep is dangerous) or if you run out of wood.
  • Insulation: To keep the air in the home from exchanging with the outside air the entire home is wrapped in superior grade tyvek. Nearly, every home is wrapped in tyvek but the kind used for this home is much better than the builder grade stuff. Combine with the over sized insulation in the walls and 18 inches of the fluffy attic insulation this home is air tight.

Creaky Floors? Not This House!

How many times have you gone into a house, old or new, and noticed that the floors creek, pop or just feel thin under your feet. These are Juiced up floors.

Typical Home

  • Floor Joists: ½”x12″ particle board glued between two pieces of 2″x12″ and not laterally supported.
  • Flooring: ½” thick ply board “nailed” down and over time the nails come loose. Then the flooring is laid directly on the thin ply board.

Custom Built Grey Fox Home

  • Floor Joists: Solid wood 2″x12″ and laterally supported. Meaning, they will not move.
  • Flooring:  ¾” plywood that is “screwed and glued”, which, will never come loose. On top of that is a ¼” sub floor laid in cross section pattern and finished with 1 ¼” solid hard wood floors on the main level and extra thick ¾” padding and carpet on the top floor.

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Lansdowne High School Finally Approved

Lansdowne High School Finally Gets Approved

Community information provide Barry Harlowe of Loudoun County Living LLC

Loudoun County Board of Supervisors Approves Plan

The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors has finally, after over two years of debate approved plans to build a new high school in Lansdowne on the Potomac. The board approved the school with an 8-1 vote with Supervisor Ken Reid (R-Leesburg) being the only opposing vote. The proposed site for the school is next to the National Conference Center which sits on a 10 acre site at the end of Belmont Ridge Road. The National Conference Center is one of the largest meeting facilities in the United States.

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HS-8, as the new school is referred to, is hoped to be open by the beginning of the 2015 school year. Officials are concerned about the tight timeline for the school for construction to be completed in time. The addition of the new school will help alleviate pressure form Tuscarora, Broad Run and Briar Woods high schools that are quickly reaching capacity due to continued development in Lansdowne on the Potomac and Ashburn.

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Home Prices in River Creek Leesburg for October 2012

Home Prices for River Creek Leesburg for October 2012

Real estate market data for River Creek Leesburg VA provided by Barry Harlowe of Loudoun County Living LLC .

River Creek Home Prices

Home prices in River Creek have increased a modest 0.8% over the past 12 months and I expect this trend to continue into the new year. Currently the average list price for single family homes is $888,322 and the average sold price is$810,000 . This represents an approximately 92% of the original listing price to sold price for homes in River Creek. Because there is such a wide range for list to final sold price for homes in River Creek it is very important that anyone looking to purchase or sell a home in River Creek have an experienced agent help them to ensure that they know what the current market value for properties in River Creek is, and to guide them through the negotiation process.

River Creek Real Estate Report Summary

Single Family Homes for Sale

There are Currently 9 active single family listing in River Creek with a list price rang from a low of $699,000 to a high of $1,285,900.  The average market days for active listings is 64. There are 2 pending sales with a low list price of $661,100 and a high of $1,700,000. The average marketing day for pending sales is 17. There was one single family home sold in October compared to three in the month of September.

Town Houses for Sale

There are currently 11 active town houses listed for sale in River Creek with a list price range from low if $425,000 to a high 0f $1,200,000. The average days on market for active listings is 54. There are currently 2 pending sales with a low list price of $550,000 and a high of $607,000. The average marketing days for pending sales is 67 days. There was 1 closed sale for the month of October compared to 2 for the month of September.

The current market in River Creek has continued to slowly improve over the last month. The drop in the number of closed and pending sales is consistent with the regular seasonal changes in the real estate market as the end of the year and the holiday season approaches. When compared to Year-Over-Year numbers the home sales numbers for River Creek are improving. Over all the community remains one of the most desired gated communities in Loudoun County. However, as with most of the higher end market in Loudoun County sale are lagging behind the lower price points. Over all the real estate market in Loudoun County continues to improve across the board for all property types.

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Where is River Creek Country Club

Where is River Creek Country Club:

River Creek is a private gated community located in North East Leesburg bordering the Potomac River and just North of route 7.  River Greek is conveniently located minutes away from the Dulles Town Center and the Dulles International Airport.  Even if you do not like the congestion of the developed areas River Creek residents are a stones throw away from Loudoun County’s best vineyards that offer post card worthy scenery.  The close by historic district of Leesburg is a perfect place to go for a quite Saturday lunch. Residents of River Creek also get to enjoy the pristine manicured 18 holes private golf at the River Creek Club along the Potomac River and with total yardage ranging from 5,000-7,200 every golfer will get a delightful challenge.

Housing market snap shot:

The housing market of the River Creek community offers some of Loudoun County’s most luxurious homes as well as strong and stable home value. For the month of November there 19 actively listed homes averaging a listing price is $789,4740 with a few home valued up to $1,285,900.


Homes for Sale in River Creek:  As a home seller one would be more concerned about how quickly their property will be sold. Over the past six months homes in River Creek have sold in an average 90 days which is a great time frame for homes in these price ranges.

Buying in River Creek:  When buying a home the last thing anyone wants is to have the property value drop shortly after you bought it. As stated earlier home prices in The River Creek community start around $500,000 up to $1.3 million. Over the past six months home values have risen 0.02% which is a strong indication that prices for higher end homes is beginning to recover along with the rest of the real estate market.

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Safety for Children: A Homebuyer’s Guide to Kids’ Rooms and Play Areas

Children alter how families look at homes during the home buying process. A family with children has to consider extra bedrooms, extra bathrooms, and safe places for children to learn and play. Indoor and outdoor recreation should be fun and comfortable, while safety should always remain the highest priority.

Kids’ Room

Kids’ rooms should be large enough for children to grow in. A tiny room may work for a 6-year-old, but could be terribly cramped for a teenager. Kid’s rooms should include the following:

  • Room to grow
  • Accessibility
  • Storage space
  • A safe exit for emergencies

Families generally want kids’ rooms on the same level of the house as the master bedroom. While a teenager might accept, or even want, a basement bedroom, small children’s rooms should be close enough for you to access them quickly at night.

Consider the amenities you want in kids’ rooms. Bookcases, closet organizers, and other storage space can be a real asset. Some solutions can be added after the home is purchased, but a house with built-in storage can be a plus.

Safety is also a consideration: In case of fire or similar emergency, you’ll want to make sure that your children will be able to safely escape their bedrooms. Children’s Hospital Boston reports that “over half of children ages five and under who die from home fires are asleep at the time of the fire,” but also that “children in homes without working smoke alarms are at greater risk of fire-related death and injury in the event of a fire.” This means that you should consider several fire escape routes when looking at the bedroom configuration in your prospective home, but you should also carefully assess the number, location, and condition of smoke detectors in your home no matter where the children will sleep.

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Family Rooms and Dens

A home with a family room and a separate, more formal living room will let you relax while the kids are watching shows or host guests while your kids enjoy a minefield of Legos® on the floor in the adjacent room. When the children grow older, the toys can be picked up and the family room can become a place for study, arts and crafts, or hanging out with friends. A den can become a home fitness center, a library, or a guest room when your children fly the coop.

Play Sets and Play Areas

Outdoor playsets and play areas can be real bonuses when families with children go house hunting, but always keep safety in mind. Playgrounds and play areas are only an advantage if they are safe areas for children. While your kids may be delighted by a ramshackle tree house, your first thought should be whether or not it’s safe.

Generally speaking, store-bought playsets are safer than DIY play areas slapped together by an inexperienced handyman. Having said that, some amateur-built jungle gyms are well thought-out, inventive, beautifully-constructed, and safe enough for children to use. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) publishes a broad variety of safety information on playground construction, materials, and components.

When building or buying a play structure, think about its placement in relation to your home and the street. Constant supervision is important whenever children play, so make sure the space is visible from where you plan to spend time. The National Program for Playground Safety also recommends watching out for age-inappropriate equipment, hard surfaces, poorly-maintained equipment, and protuberances where children can become trapped.

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Swimming Pools

At first glance, a swimming pool seems like a great idea for families with children – it sounds great to have pool parties or just cool off on a hot day. Take a step back, however, and consider swimming pool safety.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, approximately 350 children under the age of five drown every year in swimming pools – more than three times as many as drown in all other areas of the home (like bathtubs, hot tubs, landscape ponds, and other water containers). A swimming pool safety cover is essential for a backyard pool, but it isn’t enough. Many other precautions are recommended to make swimming pools safe places for children:

  • Constant parental supervision
  • Door alarms
  • Safety fences
  • Underwater motion detectors

Even all of these safety precautions don’t completely guarantee your child’s safety around swimming pools. Many parents decide the allure of a swimming pool isn’t worth the safety issues. Those parents who do purchase a home with a swimming pool must commit to enclosing the pool securely and remaining vigilant as long as they have children in the home.

Safety, Comfort and Growing Room

Family homes should be safe and comfortable. While children do need practical and fun spaces to relax, play, and grow, parents should also consider safety when looking for the place that their children will call home. If you’re shopping for a home for your young children, think ahead to what they’ll need when they’re in high school. If your family might grow, think about whether you need extra space now or whether you can plan for a future addition. Consider whether the pool, playground, or tree house you’re looking at is more likely to enrich your children’s lives or endanger them. When you look at potential homes with your kids in mind, you can choose a home that offers the promise of a safe and enjoyable childhood.

Article courtesy of Market Leader

Lansdowne on the Potomac Market Report for Home Sales October 2012

It is hard to believe that October is over and we are quickly approaching the holiday season. Lansdowne on the Potomac continues to be a fairly stable real estate market. Over all we have seen inventories for single family homes increase steadily this month and town house inventories stay flat. For this home sale report for Lansdowne we will separate Single Family Homes for Town Homes as it was definitely two different markets. First we will look at Single Family Homes for Sale and Sold in the month of October.

Lansdowne Single Family Homes Sales Slip

Lansdowne on the Potomac Single Family Homes for Sale

There were three single family homes sold in the month of October compared to seven in the month of September in Lansdowne on the Potomac. Below is how the sales break down.

October                       September

Total Units                                                3                                  7
Average Sold Price                               $665,000                 $706,000
Average Days on Market                    31                                32
Average Seller Subsidy                       $0                                $5000
Average Net Sales Price                     $665,000                 $701,429

The number of single family homes for sale in Lansdowne has seen a steady increase with 22 active listings on the market with an average day on market of 59. This trend has continued through the month of October. There are however currently 12 single family homes under contract and pending closing. This would indicate that the current market, even though October sales were down from September, is remaining fairly stable for single family homes in Lansdowne on the Potomac and I would expect closed sales for November to beat the weak numbers for October. The current average asking price for a single family home in Lansdowne is $730,000.

Lansdowne Town House Sales Tick Up

Lansdowne on the Potomac Town Houses for Sale

There were a total of five Lansdowne on the Potomac Town Houses that sold in the month of October compared to three for the month of September. Here is how the town houses sold break down.

October                       September

Total Units                                                  5                                   3
Average Sold Price                                 $479,800                  $518,667
Average Days on the Market              54                                  35
Average Seller Subsidy                         $1,800                        $3,700
Average Net Sales Price                       $478,000                  $514,967

The number of town houses for sale in Lansdowne on the Potomac has steady this month with 11 active listings on the market with an average days on market of 60. This trend has continued through the month of October. There are however, currently 4 town houses under contract and pending closing. This would indicate that the current market, even though October sales were flat from September, is remaining very stable as well for town houses in Lansdowne on the Potomac. I would expect closed sales for November to beat or equal the numbers for October. The current average asking price for a town house in Lansdowne on the Potomac is $449,754.

Lansdowne on the Potomac like most of the area seems to be slowing down when compared to the busy summer selling season we had. Some of this could be due to the regular seasonal changes in the market as people go back to school and the holidays begin to approach. It is apparent that as with the rest of the Loudoun County housing market the higher price ranges in Lansdowne on the Potomac are still struggling while the mid to lower price ranges continue to be strong. I would expect this to continue for the near future.

Lansdowne on the Potomac is one of the premier communities in Loudoun County consisting of 2155 homes, 1422 single family and 713 town homes. The development boasts the 30,000 square foot Potomac Club and the Lansdowne on the Potomac Resort and Golf Club. The community is located north of Leesburg Pike prior to Leesburg and is bordered by the Potomac River and Goose Creek

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Where is Ashburn Virginia ?

Ashburn Virginia is located in Loudoun County approximately 30 miles west of Washington DC. Bordered by Route 28, the Dulles Greenway and Leesburg Pike, Ashburn is one of the fastest growing communities on Loudoun County. As of 2012 the population of Ashburn is 57,054 consisting of 22,555 households. 98% of Ashburn Residents have high school degrees and 42% hold a college degree.

Ashburn VA is a Convenient Place to Live and Work

Ashburn VA is nestled between Dulles International Airport and the Town of Leesburg. The area is often referred to as the Dulles Technology Corridor and is home to many high tech companies such as AOL, MCI World Com, Verizon Business, The Janella Farm Research Campus and Telos. Currently the unemployment rate in Ashburn VA is 3% and it is predicted to have 26% job growth over the next ten years.  Many of Ashburn VA residents also commute to close by Tyson’s Corner and Reston. Commuters have many options in the area and the Dulles Metro Rail project currently underway will connect Ashburn VA to the Washington DC subway system in 2016

Ashburn, A Community of Options

The community of Ashburn is made up of many subdivisions and neighborhood such as Ashbrook, Ashburn Farm, Ashburn Village, Brambleton, Broadlands, the Courts and Ridges at Ashburn, Belmont Greene, Belmont Country Club and the Village of Waxpool. These Ashburn Communities offer residents many options for single family homes, townhouses, condos and apartments. Currently the communities of Brambleton and Broadlands are the fastest growing neighborhood in Loudoun County and offer a mix of single family homes, town houses and condos for people looking to move to Ashburn VA.

Ashburn Virginia, A growing Community

The largest project under construction in Ashburn is One Loudoun and the World Trade Center Dulles Airport. The World Trade Center Dulles Airport is located just 3 miles for Dulles international airport and is a member of the World Trade Center’s Association and promotes global trade and is an important link for local corporations who wish to expand overseas or relocate to Ashburn VA.

One Loudoun is a large mixed use, high density development that’s focus will be for residents of Ashburn to live, work and play within the same community. The area will even be home to the Loudoun Hounds minor league baseball team and feature a stadium that will be used for sporting and entertainment events year round. The community will feature corporate office space, commercial shopping centers as well as many single family home, town houses, condos and apartments.

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