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The Enclave at Creighton Farms Leesburg VA

The Enclave at Creighton Farms Leesburg VA

Creighton Farms Golf Course Club House

The Enclave in Creighton Farms is a section of just 13 homes with a classic French inspired design for five different home concepts. Living in the Enclave in Creighton Farms you can create your own private slice of heaven amongst the rolling fields of Loudoun County, lush horse farms, scenic vineyards, and Civil War land marks. Apex Custom Homes lets you fully customize your new home in the Enclave at Creighton Farms. Your home will be hidden away on a 3+ acre lot and the 6 month build time will allow you to fully personalize your new home.

Neighborhoods Of The Enclave at Creighton Farms

  • The Gascony Floor Plan – The main level is 3,059 sq.ft, the upper level is 930 sq.ft. Making a total of 3,989 finished square feet.
  • The Normandy Floor Plan – The main level is 2,460 sq.ft, the upper level is 1,117 sq.ft. Making a total of 3,577 finished square feet.
  • The Villandry Floor Plan – The main level is 2,495 sq.ft, the upper level is 2,355 sq.ft. Making a total of 4,850 finished square feet.
  • The Provence Floor Plan – The main level is 3,074 sq.ft, the upper level is 2,239 sq.ft. Making a total of 5,313 finished square feet.
  • The West Laurel Floor Plan – The main level is 3,492 sq.ft, the upper level is 3,234 sq.ft. Making a total of 6,726 finished square feet.

All of the home in The Enclave at Creighton Farms come with top of line 

Standard Home Features.

What is the Cost of Buying a Home in The Enclave at Creighton Farms

  • Click the link to see the Introductory Pricing for The Enclave which is offered to the first three purchasers. The Normandy starts at $1,109,462 for 3,600 sq.ft. The West Laural will start at $1,808,033 for 6,726 sq.ft.
  • Meadow Estate Prices range from $636,00 to $960,000 for lots of 3.0 – 5.81 acres. In the link you will find a detailed report of available lots and prices.
  • Wooded Estates Prices range from $660,000 to $960,000 for lots of 3.02 -6.68 acres. In the link you will find a detailed report of available lots and prices.

You Do Not Want to Wait For Your Home to Be Built…

River Pointe Homes

The typical build time for a home in Creighton Farms is 8 – 14 months but if you would like to see all currently available homes for sale in Creighton Farms in Leesburg VA please visit our site at or contact us directly at (703)407-1093. We have all the information and current happenings for Creighton Farms in Leesburg.

Living In Creighton Farms Leesburg VA


Real estate information for Creighton Farms, VA provided by William Eric Cave II of Loudoun County Living LLC.

Living In Creighton Farms Leesburg VA

Homes in Creighton Farms

Southworth Development has created the best luxury golf community in Loudoun County where its residents will enjoy a Jack Nickluas signature designed golf course and the finest luxury homes built by the country’s leading luxury home builders. Recently Creighton Farms has been named one of the “10 Hot New Addresses,” in Virginia by Home and Deisgn Magazine. Creighton Farms in Leesburg offers home buyers has the choice of four different neighborhoods of luxury homes at Creighton Farms; The Legacy Home,the Manor Homes, the Enclave, and the the Villas at Nicholas Village. Each offer its own style of living. Creighton Farms home designs have put a modern look to the classic European Colonial style which retains the rich history of

the Piedmont region.  Having four different villages within Creighton Farms gives the home buyer a choice of different sizes of homes, lots and living experience. Also, Creighton Farms is nicely located in a rural setting between Haymarket and Leesburg, Virginia on route 15 providing great views of the Shenandoah mountains and rolling farm land but is still 15 minutes for downtown Leesburg. Living in Creighton Farms is fantastic enough that Jack Nicklaus has bought and planned the construction of his new home.

Amenities of Creighton Farms

  • Jack Nicklaus designed golf course, which in 2008 Travel + Leisure Golf  named it the “Best New Private Course”.
  • Old fashioned, manor-style 30,000 sq.ft Club House.
  • Library, fine dining room, men’s and women’s lounge facilities.
  • 175 person banquet hall for events.
  • Resort-style pool, spa and fitness center, 4 Har-Tru courts, Equestrian riding center, golf training center, and an outdoor bar and grill area.

All if this is in Creighton Farms’ privately gated community and is waiting for you just outside the front door of you new home.

The Neighborhoods of Creighton Farms

The Nicklaus Village home sites are roughly 1 acre in size while the others are 3-7 acres and prices starting at $425,000 to more than $1 million.

Having a Home Built in Creighton Farms

Approved Builders for Creighton Farms

Creighton Farms has pre-approved a select number of builders that have proven to be premier custom-home builders. These builders include:

  • Apex Custom Homes
  • Visnic Homes
  • The Galileo Group
  • Creighton Enterprises

All of these builder have a long history of sound business practices, industry expertise, and demonstrate aesthetic designs that complement the vision of the Creighton Farms  community.

Now you really want a home in Creighton Farms

If you are interested in a current home for sale in Creighton Farms or having a home custom built; visit us at our site or contact us directly at (703)407-1093

How Your Credit Score Affects Your Mortgage Rate

How Your Credit Score Affects Your Mortgage Rate

Credit checks are a necessary part of applying for any loan, but they are especially important during two stages of the loan process: on the day you apply for a mortgage and shortly before closing on the loan. The first credit check is to ensure that you pay your bills on time and have sufficient income to purchase the property. The last credit check before closing is the lender’s last assurance that you are, indeed, creditworthy.Mortgage Application

Knowing what lenders look for on your credit report and in your FICO® score is important information and can help you prepare to get the best mortgage possible.

Ashburn Homes for Sale

Mortgage Lenders

Mortgage lenders take your credit score very seriously. Even though studies show that applicants with high FICO® (Fair Isaac Corporation) scores are more likely to strategically default on a mortgage loan (walk away from it), applicants with low scores are still considered a greater risk by lenders.

Generally, the better your score, the more options you have. You’ll be able to buy with a lower down payment, access a wider variety of loan types, and pay fewer points for a lower mortgage interest rate.

Good Score? Lower Mortgage Interest Rate

How much lower will your interest rates be if you have a good credit score? This will vary from individual to individual.Credit Score

Keep in mind that the FICO® scoring range runs from 300 to 850. Let’s say you’re applying for a 30-year mortgage and your FICO® score is 760, which is a very good score. Your interest rate may be among the lowest on the market.

Now, let’s assume your FICO® score is quite a bit lower: only 620. Suddenly your interest rate is dramatically higher. If your score falls between 500 and 520, you will have much higher interest rates and you’ll find fewer lenders willing to work with you.

Borrowers with scores between 300 and 500 are generally not considered creditworthy. If you’re interested in learning more about how your score impacts the interest rate on your new mortgage loan, see the chart at

Purcellville Homes for Sale

 My Score was Fine. Why Wasn’t I Approved?

Even with a sterling FICO® score, you may still be turned down for a mortgage loan. If you are unemployed or have been within the past two years, you may not be approved for a loan. If you don’t make enough money to cover the monthly payments, you may be denied a loan. There are any number of reasons a lender may not want to work with you, even with a high FICO® score.

Credit Checks and Life

Your financial history will not only affect your chances of buying a house, but may impact your ability to receive financing for a car, a vacation or for home renovations.

Insurance rates may also be affected by your rating, as poor ratings usually mean higher premiums. Many colleges will consider your financial history before they approve student assistance programs. Even employment may be affected, as many employers require a credit check as a character reference before offering a position.

Article Courtesy of Market Leader


What is a Home Worth in Lansdowne on the Potomac?

As a real estate professional the two questions I get asked the most is how is the market? And what is a home worth?  Two question that are very similar but have very different answers and methods for answers. How we determine what a home is worth will always be specific for a specific community and will compare very similar properties to each other while the broader question of how is the market is a more general assessment of all activity.Lansdowne on the Potomac Home

Lansdowne on the Potomac Homes for Sale

So What is a Home Worth in Lansdowne on the Potomac.

To determine what your home is worth in Lansdowne on the Potomac or any neighborhood we look at two distinct groups of factors, indirect and direct. Direct factors that affect your homes worth or value include Community, Neighborhood, Schools, Amenities, Transportation, Zoning and planning for future growth. Indirect factors will include Economic Factors, Demographic Changes and Perceptions. As the golden rule of real estate tells us, Real Estate is local, or Location, Location, Location. Homes will sell or not sell for one of three reasons regardless of the market, Price, Condition, or Location. As agents and homeowners we only have the ability to manage price and condition. The physical location of a particular property is what it is. All of these factors will be used to determine what a home is worth in Lansdowne on the Potomac.

The Process to determine what a home is worth

The single most important factor to consider when you are considering putting your home on the market is the price tag: how much is your home worth?  There are many factors that we use to arrive at our opinion of market value. Determining what your home is worth, is part statistics and part art. It is most important to not over price a property as this will limit interest and, after the initial two or three weeks the property is on the market interest and demand will begin to drop as the listing becomes stale. Pricing below the market may result in a situation where you receive multiple offers that will actually result in a better sales price than pricing high and making price reductions. No two agents will determine what a home is worth exactly the same but all should be within about a 2%-3% range if they use a good method to determine what a home is worth.

So how do we do it? The first step to answer the question of what is a home worth  is to pull comparable listings from our local MLS and look at Active, Pending, Withdrawn, Expired and Sold for similar properties. Some factors used to consider a property similar would be:

  • Similar home in the same neighborhood
  • Within 1-2 miles of the subject
  • Finished square footage within 10% up or down
  • Similar age, generally within 10 years
  • Neighborhood dividing lines such as major highways
  • Lot Size

So now that I have all of these comps, let’s look at each separately as we do when we are looking to see what a home is worth in Lansdowne on the Potomac.

Sold Comps

When looking at sold homes we first start out looking at the history of the property over the last 1-2 years. Was it listed before, how long, were there price reductions, what company had the property listed. All of these factors will help us to determine if the property was priced and marketed correctly.  We then will compare the final sale price to the actual list price of the home at the time of sale remembering to adjust for any seller subsidies paid on the buyer’s behalf.  From this difference we will determine if the property was sold within the ratio of list to sales price for that particular neighborhood. Price reductions for each sold comp will also be looked at to determine if the home was initially listed to high or not. Now here is where some of the art comes in, we look very closely at whom had the home listed and how it was marketed. Not all companies are created equal and marketing does matter in real estate. After considering these factors we will adjust for variances to the subject property. These adjustments can be up or down and will consider factors like lot size, location, lot type, configuration, finished square footage and amenities within the home and community.

Withdrawn and expired listings

We look at similar expired and withdrawn listings to determine why a property did not sell. The factors we use to determine is a listing is appropriate are the same as for sold listings. Days on Market, Price reductions, Condition and which brokerage had the property list are important factors to consider when looking at why a home did not sell.Lansdowne on the Potomac

Pending Sales

While the final sold price for pending sale is not available until a property actually closes, it is important to look at Days on Market and the listing history for the current listing to see if there were any price reductions and how long it took to receive an offer.  While a listing agent will not tell anyone what the contract price for particular home is until it closes, often agent will talk to other agents in general term about a specific property and you will be able to determine whether a property is going to sell for above or below where it was listed. Again it is important to consider Price, Condition, Location and how the property was marketed.

Active Listings

Active listings are your competition. As a listing agent we will tour other properties to compare them to our clients. We will also look at how long a property has been listed, were there any price reductions, how many price reductions and how the property is being marketed. We then compare the competition to our client’s property using the same factors we use to determine if a property should be considered a comparable listing.

It is very important to make sure you hire a competent real estate professional when you ask yourself the question, what is a home worth in Lansdowne on the Potomac? If you have question about your home’s value if you are considering selling or not please contact us. We will be happy to provide you an analysis of your home’s value as well of your local real estate market. As the market continues to improve as we move into 2013 home owners should take an assessment of where they are and stop wondering what their home is worth and contact Loudoun County Living LLC and find out.

Autumn Oaks New Townhomes in Sterling Virginia

Autumn Oaks – New Townhomes in Sterling Virginia

The Community of Autumn Oaks in Sterling Virginia

Autumn Oaks is located in a wooded community which offers you a brand new home at an affordable price.  It is central to major commuter routes and entertainment!  Where you live should match your lifestyle and provide you with a sense of place – that wonderful feeling of home.  Hidden amongst the oak trees, Autumn Oaks is a quiet and private community complete with walking trails, tot lots, gazebo and access to shopping and transportation.  The walking trails meet with the famous W&OD biking and jogging trail.  Nearby you’ll find a public golf course, indoor and outdoor tennis and an award winning community center.  Autumn Oaks provides the ideal opportunity for those first time buyers, busy professionals and young families.

Autumn Oaks Homes for Sale

Bordering Fairfax County, Sterling is an exceptional location for commuting, recreation opportunities and entertainment.  It gives you access to the Reston or Dulles Town Center, Dulles Airport, Old Town Herndon, Route 28, the Dulles Greenway, Chantilly and Ashburn.  It is only minutes away from the future Route 28. Silver Line Metro Station!

Speaking of Shopping

Dulles Town Center is a two-level shopping mall including stores such as JCPenney, Sears, Nordstrom, Macy’s & Lord & Taylor plus more than 185 specialty shops including The Gap, Abercrombie and Fitch, Dick’s Sporting Goods, the Bombay Company, Washington Redskins Official Store, and much more.  Restaurants at the Dulles Town Center include a variety of tasty quick places to eat at the food court and is surrounded by Pizzeria Uno, Romano’s Macaroni Grill, Red Lobster, Long Horn Steakhouse, Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and much more.

Also close by is Wegman’s  “superstore” or “megamarket” type, with a large area, a variety of foods and in many stores, Market Café in-store dining areas.

Some Fun Facts About Living in Sterling Virginia

Autumn Oaks Townhomes are approximately 20 miles west of Washington, DC in Loudoun County, Virginia.

Take the family to cool off in the summer at Volcano Island at Algonkian and slide down Mr. Frog.  This uniquely shaped main pool sports (2) 140-foor water slides, (2) small children slides, a 30’ tall interactive splash tower with a 400 gallon water bucket that dumps every 3 minutes. Tots can splash around in the shallow water of the play pool and little tykes can enjoy the tad pool.  Enjoy hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, ice cream, snacks and cold beverages from the snack bar.    Relax and beat the summer heat!  Done swimming?  Now play a round of putt putt golf.

For more Information on owning your new Autumn Oaks Townhome in Sterling Virginia, visit our site today!


Location, Location, Location is Not Just a Clique at Morley Corner New Homes!

If you live or work in the suburbs of Fairfax and Loudoun Counties and you want to live in a new home that’s where you are in life, then Morley Corner New Homes of Ashburn area is where you want to live.  Morley Corner is a commuter’s dream, at the heart of the Dulles Greenway and the future Silver Line Metro station, with easy access to Routes 28 and 7.

Morley Corner Homes for Sale

Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy…

Ashburn is extremely convenient to the Dulles Airport, Dulles Town Center, Reston, and Tysons Corner. You’re also minutes from shopping, dining, entertainment, golf and outdoor recreation, and even within walking distance of a brand new Super Gold’s Gym (with 2 swimming pools). Walk down the road to the new Starbucks, or hop on the W&OD walking and biking trail. Ashburn simply means no compromising.Morely Corner

Searching for a Ryan Home in Northern Virginia?

Ryan Homes has created townhome style condominiums in Ashburn, VA.   Morley Corner wants you to enjoy relaxing living where all your needs are met and where you want convenience, space and prestige. If you want the ideal balance of space, style and easy maintenance, Morley Corner is the ideal place to live. These 2-level, townhome style condos offer up to 3 bedrooms and up to 2 1/2 baths, and their list of standard features is what they know you had in mind. Walk outside to enjoy the convenience of a beautiful pocket park overlooking a serene pond with fountains. Lounge in the gazebo or walk along the community walking trails.

Some Fun Facts About Ashburn Virginia

Ashburn VA is 30 miles west of Washington, DC in Loudoun County, Virginia. The County is part of Virginia’s Hunt Country and has a number of horse farms. Loudoun’s population is the fastest growing of all counties in the United States, and Ashburn itself has over 50,000 citizens.

Ashburn is home to the Washington Redskins football team, the National Crash Analysis Center and the Old Dominion Brewing Company.

Ashburn has premier golf courses, two Universities, and is conveniently located between Washington Dulles International Airport and Loudoun County Hospital. Ashburn is home to AOL, Verizon, Equinix, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and many other hi-tech corporations.

Enjoy Playing a Round or Two at the Following Nearby Courses

For those of you who are golf enthusiasts, a short drive will have you playing at one of the following:

River Creek Club – (571) 207-9133

The Golf Club at Landsdowne Resort – (703) 729-8400

Raspberry Falls Golf and Hunt Club – (703) 779-2555

Trump National Golf Club – (703) 444-4801

 Click HERE to find Fun Things to Venture To in the Area

With everyday life being so busy with our jobs, social commitments, our children’s activities, it’s nice to know that living in a new home at Morley Corner New Homes, you are only a short distance from Medical Services, Schools, Public Transportation, Shopping, Local  Government, Public Safety,  Professional Services,  Places of Worship and many local Restaurants.

If you are interested in a home in Morley Community Home, visit our site today!


Why Are so Many Families Buying a New Home for Sale in River Pointe Community?

I would like to share with you the beauty of buying a new construction home in the River Pointe Community located in Leesburg Virginia just off Rte. 7 with direct access to the Dulles Toll Road, Rte.  15 and Rte. 28 put the entire Nation’s Capital area within easy reach.  You’ll be only minutes from Historic Downtown Leesburg where you can shop, dine and enjoy special events throughout the year.  The Garden Show located in the streets in the springtime is a beautiful event that will have you returning year after year to discover new ways to landscape your yard.River Pointe Homes for Sale

River Pointe Homes for Sale

Looking for a K-Hovnanian Home in Leesburg?

Looking for Luxury living, you can find homes for sale in River Pointe Community at our website.  This link will provide you with all the homes currently available in this most prestigious community.

New Homes for Sale in River Pointe Community are in the proximity to the Potomac River meets Goose Creek and is surrounded by historical sites and interesting history dating back to the days of George Washington and Civil War.  Best of all, you will be a proud owner of a of a gorgeous home or townhomethat meets and exceeds the needs of all budgets and lifestyles and where every home will feature their high performance energy savings.

River Pointe Townhomes for Sale

What’s Happening in River Pointe?River Pointe Homes

River Pointe’s amenities planned here are as special as the place that hosts them.  Look forward to a playing field & multipurpose court designed for everyone’s sporting needs where you can cheer on your sons and daughters. Or jump into family fun at the pool & bath house. Work off the day’s stress at the tennis court, relax & stroll along the walking trails, or while away the time joyfully watching your little ones play on tot lots.  At River Pointe, health, fitness and fun are a way of life.

And for those of you who are golf enthusiasts, a short drive will have you playing at one of the following:

River Creek Club – (571) 207-9133

The Golf Club at Landsdowne Resort – (703) 729-8400

Raspberry Falls Golf and Hunt Club – (703) 779-2555

Trump National Golf Club – (703) 444-4801


With everyday life being so busy with our jobs, social commitments, our children’s activities, it’s nice to know that living in a new home at River Pointe Community, you are only a short distance from Medical Services, Schools, Public Transportation, Shopping, Local  Government, Public Safety,  Professional Services,  Places of Worship and many local Restaurants.

If you are interested in a home in River Pointe visit our site today!


Living in Belmont Country Club in Ashburn Virginia


Why Do Families Enjoy Living in Belmont Country Club?

Belmont Country Club is a gated community in Ashburn Virginia and sports a graceful and elegant part of everyday living, where golf course vistas define daily existence.  The prestigious entry takes you past the 10th green and into the heart of the community.  Family and friends can enjoy a day of swimming with friends and neighbors after a day of golfing on the spectacular 18-hole Arnold Palmer Signature golf course built in 2001.  The Member Advantage Program enables members to enjoy privileges when traveling.  Members share their favorite hobbies and interests by checking the clubs you are interested in so you can receive direct information.  The Club is happy to help locate those in the Belmont Country Clubcommunity with your similar interest too!

Those who seek to combine the sensations from the old and the new, the history of the Club dates back centuries.  The manor was built in 1799 and was the original home of Ludwell Lee, son of Richard Henry Lee, a Virginia signer of the Declaration of Independence.  Another distinguished owner was Mrs. Edward B. McLean who was the proud owner of the infamous Hope Diamond, just to name a couple.

Looking for a Home in Belmont Country Club?

Looking for luxury living, you can find homes for sale in Belmont Country Club at our website.    This link will provide you with all the homes currently available in this most prestigious community.  The homes were originally built by Toll Brothers.

In the past 45 days, the average listing price for townhomes for sale in Belmont Country Club was $478,556 with an average sold price of $373,725 with an average days on market of 60. The current average listing price for single family homes for sale in Belmont Country Club is $759,930.  The average sold price was $716,057 and an average days on market of 45.

Toll Brothers Home Value

You obtain value on many levels when you become a Toll Brothers homeowner.  The homes built in Belmont Country Club have received the highest of standards from this extraordinarily knowledgeable builder since 1967.Belmont Country Club Homes for Sale

What’s Happening in Belmont Country Club?

Belmont Country Club is located in the heart of Ashburn Virginia there is a major hospital less than 5 miles from the neighborhood as well as all the convenient shopping you can imagine.  In 5 minutes you can enjoy your shopping experience at The Mill Outlet, movie theatre, don’t miss Wegman’s grocery experience, outdoor concerts in the summer, trolley rides through Leesburg, and you are also only a short drive from the greatest sites in Washington, D.C.

Who Wouldn’t Like to Live Here, Right?  Ready to Search for Your Next Home?

If you are interested in current listings in of Homes for Sale in Belmont Country Club visit our site today!

Considering Kitchen Layouts: What’s Cookin’ Good Lookin’?

The single-guy-who-nukes-his-dinner-every-night crowd probably doesn’t care about a good kitchen. To the rest of us, the kitchen can make or break a real estate deal. To a lot of people a kitchen isn’t just a room in which to prepare meals. It’s a homework area, a place to sit with a neighbor over a cup of coffee, and, in the case of the country kitchen, an area where the family gathers to share the day’s stories. If you’re not that single guy with a microwave, evaluating kitchens will be an important aspect of your house hunt.Loudoun County Kitchen

Classic Kitchen Design: The Work Triangle

One element of classic kitchen design remains constant throughout the years: the work triangle. The triangle’s three points are the refrigerator, the oven and the sink, and its purpose is to ensure efficiency and good traffic flow.

To picture the triangle, consider how you work in the kitchen. When preparing a meal you move between the refrigerator, the stove and the sink. Good kitchen design places these elements in a triangle. Which element is at the apex of the triangle depends on the kitchen’s layout. There are four distinct kitchen layouts, and within each of them the work triangle remains a constant: the galley, the “L” shape, the “U” shape and the “G” shape or peninsula.

Within the kitchen triangle there should be an area for food preparation, such as a cutting block, counter or island.

Ashburn Homes for Sale

While the work triangle is a well-known aspect of kitchen design, many kitchen layouts either ignore it or have a deeply flawed triangle. When you’re looking at a kitchen, keep the work triangle in mind. Even small kitchen layouts can be functional and practical if the work triangle is properly integrated.

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets play a dual role in the kitchen. They are both functional and, hopefully, decorative. Deep cabinets are ideal for storage of seldom-used and oversized items, while shallow cabinets work best for small, frequently used items, such as spices. When viewing a house you’re considering purchasing, take a look inside each kitchen cabinet with an eye toward whether it will accommodate your kitchen equipment.

The location of kitchen cabinets is also important. You should be able to reach the pantry and cooking supplies without having to deviate from the kitchen work triangle.Loudoun County Kitchen

Kitchen Design Extras

A number of features are wonderful surprises when house hunting, even if they’re not essential to kitchen layouts:

  • Breakfast nooks
  • Fridges and dishwashers disguised by cabinetry
  • Garbage disposal units
  • Kitchen islands
  • Recessed lighting
  • Big pantries

Leesburg Homes for Sale

Lighting can Enhance Kitchen Layouts

Avid cooks understand the importance of good lighting in the kitchen. Homebuyers, on the other hand, seem to give it a cursory glance. If you cook, even if it’s just family meals, good lighting is essential. Turn on the lights – all of them. Try to picture the room as it will be at night, while you’re cooking dinner. If the light is insufficient, is there a way to add more light? Some of the big-box department and import stores carry inexpensive under-counter lighting that you can install with just a screwdriver.

Article courtesy of Market Leader

Home Prices in River Creek VA for November 2012

Home Prices in River Creek VA for November 2012

Real estate market data for River Creek, VA provided by William Eric Cave II of Loudoun County Living LLC.

River Creek Homes for Slae

River Creek Home Prices

Over the Past 12 months we have seen home prices in River Creek go up and down but with an overall upward trend. The main reason for the fluctuation in home prices in River Creek over the past year can be attributed to the wide variance in home values. Home Prices in River Creek Start in the $400’s and go up to $1.5 million. Also, we have notices that the average closing price for a home in River Creek is roughly $10k under the original listing price. What does this mean? It is a solid indication that seller are eager to sell and willing to negotiate. To make sure you do not over pay for your home have one of our agents do a price analyst for you.


River Creek Homes for Sale

River Creek Real Estate Report Summary

The average selling price for a home in River Creek has gone from $719,833 in November 2011 to $810,00 in November 2012, a 12.53% increase from this time last year. Also, for all of 2011 there were 63 homes sold in River Creek and as of November 2012 already 62 homes have been sold with one more month to go.

The median home sale in River Creek thus far for 2012 is $730,566 which is 4.73% higher than last year at $697,551.

Find Homes For Sale in River Creek VA

Visit my website to see all currently available homes for sale in River Creek or to search any other area for your next home.

To find out about your housing market or what your home is worth please contact me directly at (703)407-1093 or email me through Loudoun County Living LLC.