Tally Ho: Open Mic Night


Tally Ho: Open Mic Night

What is the Tally Ho?

A historical landmark in downtown Leesburg since 1932, the Tally Ho, has been a theater and a preforming arts venue for years. Since its opening, the venue has played popular movies and comedy acts. The Tally Ho has just recently been renovated to include a stage and a balcony. It is now going to be hosting live music and community events. The Tally Ho will also be working with the La Lou Bistro Restaurant to provide patrons with a quality dining experience during performances.

What is Open Mic Night?Tally Ho

Every Wednesday the Tally Ho hosts an Open Mic Night for local artists who want to come and showcase their talents. The music starts playing at 7:00 pm and continues till 10:00 pm. All genres of music can perform. Last week, I attended Open Mic Night and was surprised at the wide diversity of music artists preformed. The food looked divine and the room was full of eager musicians. I experienced everything from old time blues to raging rock and roll at this popular weekly event. This event is as exciting for the performers as it is for the audience who get to experience a variety of sounds from local musicians and bands.

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Who can participate?

At the Tally Ho all genres of music and people of any age are welcome to perform. They have a few guitars to use but they recommend that you bring your own instruments. If you want to sign up, you can do so Wednesday afternoon at 6:30 pm, first come first serve. Every performer can play up to two songs of their choosing and original songs are also highly encouraged. Also, solo acts and duets are recommended.

What else is there to do at the Tally Ho?

There is a plethora of shows and bands coming to Tally Ho soon! On March fourteenth they are having a popular band Dangermuffin playing and shortly after that on the twenty third they are having a Led Zeppelin Tribute Band preform. Many more exciting events are sure to be coming soon. Also in the downtown Leesburg area surrounding the Tally Ho, there is an abundance of shops, bars, and restaurants. You can have lunch at the quaint Lightfoot Restaurant and go shopping for old finds at the Black Shutter antique store.

Want more information about the Tally Ho and upcoming events?

You can access the Tally Ho here. Or contact us directly at 703-881-6051 Loudoun County Living LLC.