Live in the Country at Walnut Grove, Leesburg, VA

Walnut Grove, Leesburg, VA

Walnut Grove, Leesburg, VA is a beautiful new home community in North Leesburg composed of 13 lots each ranging from 3 to 10 acres.  Situated just off Route 15 North on 57 acres in the heart of some of the most picturesque country that Loudoun County has to offer, Walnut Grove,  is less than a mile from the Potomac River. The quaint and welcoming town of Lucketts, where one will find antique shops and farm-stands, is but a mile away.  Less than 2 miles away, residents can enjoy well-known wineries such as Tarara and Lost Creek Vineyard.  With the Town of Leesburg a little over a 5 minute drive away, Walnut Grove, Leesburg, VA offers many of the amenities that those who are looking to live in the country seek.

Looking for a Home in Walnut Grove?

Interested in homes for sale in Walnut Grove ? Click the link to find all the currently available homes in this area of Leesburg, VA.  New Construction

What’s the Neighborhood Like?

Currently, Walnut Grove, Leesburg, VA, built by Landmark Atlantic Communities, LLC, offers 2 and 3 level single family homes running from 2,100+ square feet to 3,500+ square feet with the largest floor plans having 5 bedrooms.  Building began last year and is expected to ramp up this year.  This community comes with mountainous views and no HOA. Not to mention, homes may be customized.  Find yourself in Walnut Grove, Leesburg VA where luxury meets country living.

What’s going on Nearby Walnut Grove?

Residents can enjoy all that the historic Town of Leesburg has to offer only a five minute drive away.  Looking for festivals, events, dining, shopping and more? You will find it in the town of Leesburg, VA.  Find out everything that is nearby Walnut Grove, including places of worship, banking and shopping and much more  on my website.

What schools will the Kids Attend?

Walnut Grove community in Leesburg, VA is served by Lucketts Elementary, Smart’s Mill Middle, and Tuscarora High, the newest high school in Loudoun. To get local school scores and more information about these schools check out the Leesburg school reports on my website.

Now you Really Want to Buy a Home Here, Don’t You?

Walnut Grove currently offers a unique array of new home designs from which buyers can choose.  If you are interested in the current homes for sale in Walnut Grove Leesburg VA click on the link and call Kelly Dunning at 571-212-1138 to find out how to see a model.


Living in Lansdowne, VA

Lansdowne Neighborhood Features

Lansdowne on the Potomac is a family-friendly community located nearby the four-diamond Lansdowne Resort in Leesburg, VA.  The neighborhood is convenient to Rt. 7, Rt. 15, the Dulles Toll Road and downtown Leesburg.  The area is a mix of both residential and retail with a variety of amenities for residents including a championship golf course.

Surrounded by vast, manicured open spaces and naturally wooded areas, Lansdowne on the Potomac also has water activities such as canoeing and kayaking on Goose Creek or the Potomac River.

First time homebuyers looking for a condo or townhouse can find prices start from the low $300,000s.

Living in Lansdowne

Lansdowne on the Potomac features condominiums, townhouses, single family homes and luxury retirement apartments (Leisure World).   The town center features all the necessary conveniences including a Harris Teeter grocery store, shops, and restaurants.

The focal point of the community is the extensive Potomac Club complex. Residents can enjoy:landsdown town center

  • 25 meter indoor pool, heated whirlpool and locker rooms;
  •  outdoor pool with spa;
  •  exercise and aerobics rooms;
  •  business center with computers;
  •  meeting rooms;
  •  ballroom facility;
  •  game room with pool table, television, air hockey table, foosball and video games.

Events in Leesburg, VA

One of the nice things about living in Loudoun County is that throughout the year, there are a variety of events for families and people of all ages.  Upcoming events in Lansdowne include Casino Night, Easter Egg Hunt, Beerfest and outdoor concerts.  For a complete list of events in the town of Leesburg, visit

It’s a great time to purchase a home.  If you are interested in learning more about homes for sale in Lansdowne on the Potomac, call Allison Metzger today at 703-963-0923.


New Development Coming to Downtown Leesburg

Lansdowne Development Group Purchases Old Window Factory

Lansdowne Development Group has purchased the old abandoned window factory that has been sitting vacant for more than ten years. The property is located at 110 Catoctin Circle NE and consists of three parcels, the largest of which is approximately 8 acres. The company plans to develop a mixed use community based on the Live and Work concept that has seen much success at the Lansdowne Town Center also located in Leesburg. This new development at the corner of Harrison Street and Catoctin Circle will connect to the down town area of Leesburg and will help transform the towns Crescent District redevelopment zone.

Lansdowne Homes

Developer Plans Mixed Use Development

Developer plans to create a community consistent with the down town historic district development plans and will give a boost to the Leesburg Economy. This site had been previously approved for development by Mitchell and Best who abandoned their plans which included 332 residential units, when the economy turned. The current developer, Lansdowne Development Group plans to reduce the number of residential units by 90-100. Lansdowne Development plans to create a Limited Liability Corporation to handle the development and should have plans submitted to Loudoun County within 30 days.

Approval Still Needed

The Town of Leesburg has made the assistant town manager, Scott Parker the point of contact for the development and hopes to expedite the development. The plan will have to receive administrative approval from planning staff and undergo re-zoning and concept plan that will require approval from the Leesburg Planning Commission and the Town Council. The site does have some environmental issues with the proximity of the Town Branch flood plain located on its west, and the presence of bed rock. Lansdowne Development expects that by reducing the residential density they will be able to avoid most of the environmental issues. The town of Leesburg believes the development will provide a boost for the downtown provide much needed connection between Catoctin Circle and Harrison Street. The property has been an eyesore for a long time and give its location to the downtown the hope is that it will attract new business and residents to Leesburg.

Historic Significance

The site has some historic significance to Leesburg. There are two old quarry’s close by that were used to in the construction of the United States Capitol building  Lansdowne Development plans to incorporate the history of the property into the planned development by roads and landmarks after significant town events and people.

Leesburg Homes

Town of Leesburg and Community Support

The project appears to have significant support from the town and local Leesburg residents. Currently the site is an eye sore. The development of the site will fit in nicely with current development in Leesburg down town. It will also be a nice addition and hopefully expand the many Leesburg community and business events like First Friday which continues to grow. Leesburg has become a popular destination for Loudoun County residents and world travelers. It is not uncommon to meet people for all over our area and the world and any of the down town events.

Energy Inspections and Home Sales

Energy inspections for home sales

The global conscience regarding the environment has rapidly shifted in recent years, and an interest in saving energy (and money!) is shared by many people in all demographics. Homebuyers in particular are making more energy efficient choices in the search for their next home. As a result, energy inspections for home sales are increasingly an important step in the home selling process.

Energy Audit Checklists

Whether your house is on the market now or selling is only something you’re considering, you’ll be ahead of the game if your home has undergone an energy audit. A good place to start is our earlier article, “Strategies to Help Save Energy In Your Home.” When the weather cools, it’s time to look into programmable thermostats, a few touch-ups on your weather stripping, better insulation and new air filters.

In addition to the low-cost tactics noted in our previous article, here are some elements commonly found on energy audit checklists:

  • Age of the heating and cooling system
  • Potential for leaks in ductwork
  • Energy efficiency of water heater, windows and lights

Leesburg Homes for Sale

Heating and Cooling System

If your heating and cooling system is more than 15 years old, it’s a given that it isn’t energy efficient by today’s standards. Even if it has been regularly maintained and is functioning properly, it can’t compete with the efficiency of newer models.

Replacing your system can be costly, though not having a newer system doesn’t necessarily mean it will cost you the sale of your home. But it is something to be aware of when it comes time to negotiate the sale price.

If you’re on the fence about selling your home in the near future and are willing to spend a little money, the savings in fuel costs within a few years could exceed the cost of replacing your equipment now. In addition, you would be in compliance with current efficiency ratings when you decide to put out the “for sale” sign. Be sure the replacement has earned the ENERGY STAR designation, conferred through a joint program of the U.S. Department of Energy and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that protects the environment.

Lansdowne on the Potomac Homes for Sale

Potential for Leaks in Ductwork

If you choose to stick with your current heating/cooling system, you can add to its energy efficiency by ensuring your ductwork is properly insulated. If you haven’t looked at your ductwork recently (if ever!), now’s the time.

Don’t be surprised by what you find, especially if yours is an older home. Recently we heard of a situation in which a homeowner looked in the crawlspace and discovered that much of the insulation around the ductwork running the length of the house had been picked through by rodents. Imagine how much it cost to heat that home!

Some minor leaks you can fix DIY with mastic or foil tape. Others, like the situation described above, involve installation of all-new insulation – still doable DIY, but a bigger job to take on. Extensive problem areas will require a professional. Go to ENERGY STAR for tips on selecting a qualified contractor.

Once all the leaks have been sealed and properly insulated, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the savings you’ll notice on your energy bill.

Ashburn Homes for Sale

Other Features Buyers Consider

Energy inspections for home sales wouldn’t be complete without a review of the efficiency of a home’s water heater, windows and lights. Of these, gradually replacing your lights with more energy efficient lamps and bulbs is the most cost-conscious. It will also serve to give your home an updated, more attractive look and set the mood as potential buyers do a walk-through. The U.S Department of Energy has great tips when choosing new lighting.

Do we really need to talk more about the importance of sealing leaks and proper insulation? Simply wrapping your water heater tank in high R-value insulation and applying weather stripping and caulking around your windows will increase your home’s energy efficiency.

How to Choose an Energy Audit Technician

Following the steps above will surely make your home more energy efficient. But will they be enough when it comes time for energy inspections? For your piece of mind, you can have a certified professional conduct a thorough audit. Besides the obvious benefit of having all your bases covered, you’ll also have help after the energy audit analyzing the data. ENERGY STAR, which offers the certification program, has compiled a list of these pros. Choose your state and look for raters in your area.