Home Prices in River Creek VA for November 2012

Home Prices in River Creek VA for November 2012

Real estate market data for River Creek, VA provided by William Eric Cave II of Loudoun County Living LLC.

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River Creek Home Prices

Over the Past 12 months we have seen home prices in River Creek go up and down but with an overall upward trend. The main reason for the fluctuation in home prices in River Creek over the past year can be attributed to the wide variance in home values. Home Prices in River Creek Start in the $400’s and go up to $1.5 million. Also, we have notices that the average closing price for a home in River Creek is roughly $10k under the original listing price. What does this mean? It is a solid indication that seller are eager to sell and willing to negotiate. To make sure you do not over pay for your home have one of our agents do a price analyst for you.


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River Creek Real Estate Report Summary

The average selling price for a home in River Creek has gone from $719,833 in November 2011 to $810,00 in November 2012, a 12.53% increase from this time last year. Also, for all of 2011 there were 63 homes sold in River Creek and as of November 2012 already 62 homes have been sold with one more month to go.

The median home sale in River Creek thus far for 2012 is $730,566 which is 4.73% higher than last year at $697,551.

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