Price of a Home in Ashburn

Price of a Home in Ashburn 20147 for April

The price of a home in Ashburn for the zip code 20147 increased 1.04% from the month of March for a total year over year increase of 12.6% when compared to April 2012. We are continuing to see very low inventory levels in the area and with continued buyer demand this trend is expect to continue upward as we move forward through the spring selling season. There is currently just over one month’s supply of inventory on the market which by definition makes this a very strong sellers market.

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Lack of Inventory Driving the Price Up

Inventory levels continue to remain very low for the Ashburn area and Loudoun County over all. There wereAverage Price of a Home a total of 136 active listing on the market to begin the month of May which is down 25% from the same time last year. There were 130 new listing that came on the market in April which was and increase of 31% from last year. This is evidence of the strong buyer demand that the market is seeing. Agents in the area continue to report multiple offers and the average days on market have dropped 36.84% to an average of 24 days for all property types. Town Homes and entry level properties continue to be the most competitive segment of the market. There is currently less than one month’s supply of town homes for sale and the average price of a home in this segment is up over 10% from last year. If this continues the price of a home in Ashburn will continue to increase.

Average Sales Price Compared to List Price Continues to Improve

With the lack of available inventory and continued buyer demand we are also seeing the actual sales price of a home in Ashburn at closing when compared to the original list price improve as well. With homes staying on theAverage Price of a Home in Ashburn market for just 24 days and the competition from buyers for available homes, sellers are getting what they are asking for. This trend should also continue as long as the inventory levels remain low. With the average price of a home in Ashburn, 20147 being $452,516 compared to the average last April of $401,882, many sellers who were not able to sell last year without bringing money to the table at closing are finally able to make a move.

Loudoun County Homes for Sale

As the spring market continues to heat up and we approach summer the real estate market should continue to improve as far as the average price of a home in Ashburn and other communities is concerned. The lack of inventory will continue certainly force buyers to pay more and accept less form sellers. The laws of supply and demand should continue to force the price of a home in Ashburn, and other communities in Loudoun County, higher.

If you are considering selling a home in Ashburn and would like more information on home prices and much more market information, follow this link, The Average Price of a Home in Ashburn and Loudoun County.



Sell Your Home Fast!

Sell Your Home Fast

What’s the best way to sell your home fast?  Put it on the market now.  Traditionally, the Spring is the best time of year to sell your house and 2013 will be no different.  Why is spring a great time to sell?  There are many reasons including:

sell your home in virginia

How to Sell Your House in Virginia

  • Homes show better in the spring when the grass is greener, flowers and trees start to bloom and buyers can picture themselves spending time outdoors.
  • Families with children prefer to move when the kids get out of school and want to be settled before the new school year starts
  • There’s more daylight.  With daylight savings time, buyers have more daylight hours to get out and see homes
  • Buyers will spend more time looking at property when the weather allows them to comfortably walk around outdoors and in.

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How much is your home worth?

The good news for Northern Virginia sellers is that inventory is low causing prices to rise. In February 2012, there were 5840 active listings on the market.  In February 2013, that number dropped by 28% to 4185.  That’s great news for sellers!

The average price of a home sold in Northern Virginia in February 2013 was $436,433 which is 10% increase over 2012 when sold prices were $396,107.

Selling Your Home Fast in Northern Virginia

Houses sold in February 2013 sold 20% faster than 2012, on average, within 57 days.  This number is expected to drop significantly in March 2013.

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Buying a Home in Virginia

If you currently rent and are looking to buy this spring, you can still take advantage of the hot spring market with low interest rates and motivated sellers.  Think about your must-haves and narrow down the location that works best for you.

Be sure to find a licensed real estate agent who can keep you abreast of all the latest statistics, listings and support you in your individual needs.